We always get the same question; "What makes our wines special?” Our answer is simple and our motto clear:

“It all begins in the vineyard.”

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Mike and Nelson handpick each grape cluster to their liking. This ensures only the best grapes are used to make the wine, which helps them create balanced wines with smooth finishes.  They are so particular about the selection of their grapes that you can often find them arguing over a cluster during harvest time.

Immediately after the grapes are picked, they are moved to the cellar, where they are carefully transferred to barrels. The barrels range from neutral to new oak. The wines are stored in the cellar ranging in temperature from 63 to 66 degrees and for 10 to 28 months, depending on the varietal.

Winemaker Joe Cullen, owner of Cactus Star Vineyard has mentored Nelson and Mike in the process of winemaking, attributing greatly to their success in creating perfect wines. The wine is tasted regularly to ensure that the process is moving forward as intended and any imperfections or deficiencies are corrected.